Why does a 37-year-old pick up a pen?

I’ve written three drafts of this post and I still don’t know what the hell I’m trying to say.

My first draft was when I decided to flip the question (like any idiot does, who is not able to answer the original one)

Everyone wants to create. In the wonderful world of Ad land. Not just me. EVERYONE.

“Creative people make the ads. Everyone else makes the arrangements.”-Bob Hoffman

The planners secretly write lines in their briefs. CS folks join this industry to be in the erstwhile company of creative folks (who they want to kill later) And of course our clients pay us only and only for the creative work we deliver. They can manage the rest (they think).

But that’s an industry (definitely biased) view point at best. Not MY truth. So I dug deeper.

The second draft was about distance. I am at the top of a mid sized agency and about three layers removed from doing actual work.

I spent a lot of time recruiting. A lot of time looking at work. Mind blowing work. Online. Not creating it myself within the agency.

In any event, as much as what I was doing was important for the agency’s brand, I felt very much like my brain (and my soul) were desecrating. What’s the point?

I quit. My own agency. To write. As a copy intern.

That’s the beauty about this business. Any creative person, ECD, CD-1, CD2, CD3……no matter what director they are, they are as good as the work they create. It’s a great leveler. And keeps us on our toes, even at 37.

But I am not a big fan of pity parties. So I moved on to the next one.

The third one was about Mid life crisis. That was when I went down the whole logic/RTB path. I mean its kinda obvious right? Hello, 37 remember?

There was a time when people had the decency to wait until they were approaching 50 to have a mid-life crisis. Now it seems many thirtysomethings find themselves succumbing to existential navel-gazing. And 100% of us go through it, in varying degrees of spouse (if u have one) irritation levels. So definitely a hypothesis worth exploring.

Well, to be honest I have been going through mid life crisis since 16. I have been checking out on 11 out of 15 signs. No, Seriously.

Here is the width: Sales, Mobile marketing, Social media, Product management, PR, News Anchor, Brand management, Client Servicing, HR, Finance, Entrepreneur.

11 (and counting) very unrelated fields of work. I told you, since 16!

Oh and in between become a wife and mother. Two most hectic but most fulfilling roles of my life.

So its safe to say, I have serious crisis muscle built up over the years. My north star is particularly evasive.

Finding what you love doing is like finding ‘The One”.

And I haven’t found the one. Yet.

Is writing it? I don’t know. But I am sure as hell, I want to find out.

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