5 best ways candidates can follow-up post interview

You maintain that smile on your face walking through those doors, and then, breathe a sigh of relief. The interview is finally over! But is it now? Post the interview, you face more questions from a different type of interviewers – family & friends. How did it go? When will they get back to you?

Besides, there is always your own mind and its questions; what should I do now? When should I call them to follow up? Should I even follow up or simply wait for them to get in touch?

Worried? Breathe, and read on.

Yes, following – up is a good option. And we tell you what the 6 best ways candidates can follow – up post interview are.

1. The “Thank You note” – Send a polite yet crisp note to the interviewer thanking them for their time. Let them know you enjoyed the interaction & got a new perspective on things you discussed.

Make the note polite but, don’t go overboard with the flattery. You want your note to come across as a goodwill gesture, not an invasion to their space!

2. The “Hunt for Common Ground” – If you have the interviewer’s email address, do some digging! No, don’t stalk them. Instead, read up on things you talked about during the interview. If you held a different opinion on something, take this opportunity to appease them & agree. But, smartly!
Send the interviewer links / researches that support their opinion with a line or two about how what they believe is what the trend is & that the discussion helped you learn. Doing this will serve as an ego massage (do it subtly, though) and show you are open to learn at all times.

3. The “Smart Ninja” – Post the interview, sit down the very same day & make notes while the discussion is still fresh in your mind. Doing this will prepare you for the next round – subtly incorporating your learning from this round sets you apart from others and your immediate competition. It’s a dirty, filthy and competitive world out there and you need to be prepared. This process also comes in handy in all your future interviews. After all, knowledge is everyone’s super power.

4. The “Prompt Respondent” – Gone are the days when responses were delayed and meetings were scheduled for later to show that you are ‘busy’. Remember, every delay you cause, is an opportunity won for somebody else.
Be it sending across documents or scheduling the next round of interview, be prompt to reply. Remember, it just gets tougher after the short-listing process. No pressure!

5. The “Track – Back” – Track back your steps, drop in a word to your “list of references” if you haven’t already. Let them know of the profile you’ve applied for. This gives them enough time to think of relevant things to say when your references get the reference check call.

6. The “Patient Opportunist” – Yes, we know you really, reeeaallllyyyy want the job. Your anxiety is understood. But, bombarding the recruiter with phone calls & e-mails isn’t!

The best way to follow up is by patiently waiting for a reply. Don’t rush a reply out of them by boasting of other offers on your plate.

After all, you want them to want you, not get turned off!

Try these techniques; we’re sure the job you want is coming your way. All the Best!