The Agency

Foolish is a highly creative, strategically-focused, independent advertising agency in New Delhi. We are passionate about creating big ideas for big and small, but ambitious clients. Big ideas that go beyond single executions and act as a platform for one strong campaign after another. Having worked with an uncommon mix of clients, we take pride in our ability to build brands and motivate customers in just about any business category. Our creative spirit is behind everything we do – from spectacular campaigns in TV, print and radio to striking brand identity makeovers, effective direct mail to point of purchase. Whatever the challenge or creative channel, we have an unprecedented record for turning brands around and generating outrageous business results.

Our beliefs

Keep it personal.
The term B2B doesn’t make sense. Corporations don’t communicate with corporations. Offices don’t talk to offices. Good advertising is like sitting down to have a pleasant chat with someone.
Be real.
Like good stories, all good advertising is based on simple human truths. The best movies, songs and ads are ones that seem to have a bit of you in them somehow. Being real reminds us that we’re never talking to statistics or market segments, we’re talking to people.
Go with your gut. And ratify in research.
Developing breakthrough creative often takes a lot of time and effort. But not always. Sometimes the best ideas are the first to emerge.
Stay open and inspired.
Inspiration is a willingness to entertain the illogical, to stretch beyond personal taste and embrace what you may initially dismiss. Look to everything and anyone for inspiration.

Who we are

Foolish is structured around a passionate, multi-disciplinary team of individuals infused with free spirit, curious minds and restless souls. As a diverse group, each member brings different skills. But we are united by a passion for creative problem solving and taking every challenge head on. We are creative, but we’re not “creatives”. We are professional, but not “professionals”. We work, but we don’t see it as “work”. To know more about the spirited and driven leadership at Foolish, click here.

What we do

For us, every job is a new opportunity. We’ve enjoyed making technical brochures beautiful, interesting and readable as much as we’ve loved scripting and conceptualizing riveting television and radio commercials. Click here for our full range of services.