Associate Accounts Director

Experience- 6-8 years
Roles and Responsibilities:
· Working alongside the creative team to deliver projects, bringing the client’s perspective.
· Writing the Creative Brief, inspiring the creative team with every project.
· Co-ordinating day-to-day delivery with Foolish Works, and meeting deadlines.
· Building the Annual Calendar (with Support) and then delivering it through the year (without support).
· Quality Checking before sending stuff out to the client.
· Being organized on behalf of the creative team & the Client – Prioritizing, Resource Planning, following up, Creating Urgency where required, setting clear deliverables.
· Managing the client – Prioritizing, Expectation setting in terms of deadlines.
· Billing & Collection: Timely raising of invoices & Collection of payments.
· Expense Management: Keeping track of client expenses, and getting reimbursements timely.
· Internal Reporting: Reporting delivery for your account and your creative team.

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