Media Monitoring Reports

Any brand launching a marketing and advertising campaign goes through months of planning to ensure that they get every aspect just right. Right from looking for consumer insights to get to a brand positioning or getting to the right media mix strategy – we leave no stone unturned to make everything fool proof. Most people think the job is done once your campaign goes live. But, that is hardly the truth.

Yes, we made media plans for your brand and optimized it enough for you to expect pointed results. However, every advertising medium is affected by multiple external factors even during campaign execution. Be it spots being dropped by a TV channel, a show we bought going off air, a print insertion being dropped because someone bigger, badder came along and paid more money to be in our spot or a TV show’s ratings dropping because the main hero turned to be the main villain and that just didn’t gel well with the audience! Why should we as advertisers fall prey to such deviations?

This is where media monitoring comes into play:


Media monitoring, as the term defines, is the process of monitoring and scrutinizing all selected advertising mediums on a continuous basis for your brand’s communication or advertisement. Media monitoring reports aren’t only limited to tracking TV ad spots or print ads but also includes PR mentions on news channels or in-show brand integration.

Media monitoring reports are used as a tool to keep a track of deliveries and actual insertions as against the initial plans and makes sure that the media plan finalized upon is carried forward to deliver expected results.


Monitoring at Foolish is conducted at 3 levels, each with it’s own use:

1. Daily Monitoring – This is done to ensure that the media planned is being executed to its fullest extent. As advertisers we will always aim for 100% implementation of our TV spots, our online banners and our Print insertions. In case due to some unforeseen circumstances, our ads do not play (which almost always happens), we escalate to the right “channels” to ensure that what we paid for is delivered in a timely manner.

2. Weekly Monitoring – In weekly monitoring, we conduct a detailed analysis of the GRPs that the campaign delivered. This step of the media monitoring report makes the process iterative and dynamic. For example, based on the weekly report’s finding if we feel a particular channel from your TV plan is underperforming; we substitute it with another channel that is performing better.

This helps us keep our GRP deliveries on track and deliver better than what was promised and planned.

3. Final Campaign Report –A final campaign report is then prepared taking into account all spots and GRPs accumulated in the duration of the campaign. If everything fell into place in step 1 and step 2, the reach/frequency objective will almost always be attained.

Media monitoring helps us ensure on time updates with accurate happenings for your brand’s media plans. Our approach to media monitoring uses reports from medium specific authorities to make sure what is claimed is actually what the delivery was. For example, we use TAM & Adex reports for TV monitoring, or IRS reports for print mediums and Comscore reports for online measurement. This process also works as an audit report based on which, your media plan can be reworked on so that we can efficiently divert wasted monies from under delivering mediums / channels to those who deliveries are in line with our objectives.

Foolish makes sure that we see through your brand’s marketing campaign from end to end making sure that the brand is heading in the right direction. We are on top of every aspect of your campaign so that you can sit back and relax and leave everything in our hands!