British Telecom – Print Campaign


British Telecom is the largest telecom player in the United Kingdom. While that might be a cause for celebration, for BT in India, that was the very image they were fighting. They wanted to shed their ‘telecom’ image, and be known only as BT, the software solutions firm that’s growing at lightening pace in India.

They’d just started a new facility in Bangalore, where they would truly ‘develop’ software and were looking to staff the facility with the best talent that Bangalore had to offer. This is why BT India got in touch with us.


The problem here was two fold. While one problem was clearly that BT wanted to shed its ‘telecom’ image mentioned earlier, so that they could attract the right talent, the second problem was even trickier.

BT, the software company, was known to pick up projects from the UK and other markets and outsource them to ‘hardcore’ software companies in India. This meant that the ‘middle man’ image that they had developed over the years also needed to be washed away, as they now had a full facility where they would ‘develop’ and not just outsource.


The typical solution to attracting the right talent for most companies is to put out recruitment advertisements to look for people with the requisite skills. But since the problem here wasn’t just attracting talent, but also creating awareness for the new found image that BT needed to project, we needed to take the brief beyond what the ‘safe’ approach was.

Instead, what we proposed was, that we would continue to employ the same vehicles that companies traditionally use to attract talent and get the word out on the requirement of people with new skills. But instead of doing typical ‘recruitment style’ ads, we would look to re-brand and re-position the BT business in India in the minds of the IT workforce.

Working within the stringent guidelines of BT international, we went on to do a high-frequency high-impact advertising campaign in recruitment dailies and in the online space, and did 3 short burst campaigns over 3 specific recruitment periods. We stopped at 3, because the client had their hands full, and their talent crunch fulfilled. Another Challenge accepted, another challenge delivered.