California Almonds – Trade Conference 2012


California produces approximately 80% of the world’s supply of almonds and 75% of all almonds sold in India are California Almonds. 95% of these almonds are sold loose by weight without any form of packaging. As such, it becomes very difficult to track sales of California almonds.

By promoting generic consumption of almonds, we indirectly promote and eventually aim to increase shipments of “California Almonds” to India.


One of the most important stakeholders to the Almonds program in India are our importers. They get California Almonds into the country, on to the shelves and out to the consumers. The challenge was to gather all the key importers of the country,at one place, on one day, to provide an outlet for us to share our marketing efforts, and for the importers to voice their recommendations on market growth. This is an important piece of the marketing program in building overall confidence in the Almond potential.


The objective was to present ourselves in a way that speaks “volumes” about our program. Our larger than life creatives, managed to catch the importer’s eyes as they walked into the room filled with carefully placed marketing collaterals. Each creative included glimpses of our Print communication and our TVC commericals.

The truest measure of success in the belief of the almond potential and the marketing program in India is the turnout at this conference. It has been increasing dramatically with every growing year.