California Almonds – Advertorials 2013-2014


India is on a fast track to becoming one of the strongest economies in the world, and planning ahead plays a very important role in any growth strategy. Taking cue from the new, evolved generation of Indians, a wider campaign message of “Tomorrow Begins Today” was conceptualised. The brand message not only integrated well with the dreams and ambitions of a growing India, but also positioned healthy almonds as an integral part of the preparation required for a better future.

Moreover, almonds have always been considered a healthy snack in Indian families. Traditional knowledge about almonds and its benefits has been passed down from one generation to the other in most Indian households. Keeping this in mind, Almond Board of California aims to promote and increase the daily consumption of almonds.


The challenge we faced was two-fold:

1. Though most Indians are aware that almonds are good for health in general, they do not have complete information about its nutritional benefits. That is why, most people that consume almonds, do so only as a part of their family tradition. We needed to promote this healthy tradition by making people aware of the various health benefits of almonds.

2. Not only did we aim to increase the number of people consuming almonds, but also the daily portion of almonds they consumed as a part of their diet.


To tackle this two-pronged problem, a multi-faceted solution was needed.

1. Almonds contain many nutrients and vitamins that are good for the human body, including vitamin E, riboflavin, magnesium, fibre and protein. They are rich in anti-oxidants and are full of energy.

On the contrary, majority of the people only know about the perceived brain benefits of almonds. To spread awareness about the other health benefits of almonds, we released advertorial insertions in leading national publications throughout the year. They included many nutritional facts that promoted almonds as an everyday healthy snack.

2. Young Affluent Adults: We identified a new group of potential consumers for promoting almond consumption. Through extensive research it was concluded that this particular class of consumers is both health-conscious as well as has the willingness and ability to spend on almonds. Leveraging this opportunity, we also included weight management recipes in our advertorials.

3. A fact-driven disclaimer was also added at the end of each advertorial, which recommended the ideal quantity of almonds that one should consume on a daily basis – 30 grams or 23 almonds.

All in all, the advertorials urged people to make consumption of almonds a daily habit that will prove to be a smart and healthy lifestyle choice for them.