California Almonds – Advertorials


India has a tradition of consuming almonds. It’s consumption has been advocated through generations. Almond Board of California’s role in India is to promote generic consumption of almonds. It was observed in researches that consumers of almonds believe strongly in the accrued health benefits of almonds as against other nuts and dry fruits. ABC intended to encourage Indian consumers to continue the tradition and enjoy the accrued health benefits of regular almond consumption over time through sustained communication and consumer engagement.


When asked about almonds, almost all consumers say they’re good for the brain. Almonds, though good for the brain, have many more nutritional benefits, which make them the most versatile dry fruit. We already had a TV commercial paying homage to the mother as the caretaker of the household, while communicating the benefits of almonds people are already aware about, i.e., brain & energy.

The challenge was on 2 fronts:

  • – To enhance reasons to consume almonds by expanding current knowledge of almond benefits.
  • – To do it while staying true to our main communication on TV (Tumse Hi)


We started by following the same umbrella thought as the TV commercial; celebrate the woman of the household.

We called her an “Everyday Hero” for the little things she does everyday for her household. Things that shape her entire family, be it her children’s wellbeing, her husband’s health or taking care of the elders in the house. Using this theme, a total of 10 advertorials were developed, complete with an extensive photo-shoot to convey the story we wanted.

The advertorials garnered an exceptional response from the consumers with recall for our Print Campaign showing a jump from 16% in November 2011 to 35% in November 2012!