California Almonds Diwali TVC 2012


India has a tradition of consuming almonds. It’s consumption has been advocated through generations. Almond Board of California’s role in India is to promote generic consumption of almonds. ABC intends to encourage Indian consumers to continue the tradition and enjoy the accrued health benefits of regular almond consumption over time through sustained communication.

Diwali is our peak consumption period. It’s that time of the year when we exchange gifts with friends and loved ones. More often than not, these gifts are dry – fruits, chocolates or Indian sweets. For decades, almonds have been part of the gift bouquet or the dry fruit basket or just as a stand-alone gift.


Diwali! The festival of lights and a time when all brands, in nearly all categories, are fighting for a share of the consumer’s wallet.

Though almonds have a first mover advantage when it comes to gifting during festivals, lately we seem to be competing with products ranging from imported chocolates to tea time namkeen to apparel to even high end electronics!

The challenge was on 3 fronts:

– To encourage consumers to continue to gift almonds amidst all other modern alternatives available on shelves.
– To do it while staying true to our main communication on TV (Tumse Hi)
– To be a Diwali ad unlike the numerous gifting/shopping ads that are seen on TV during this period


We started by exploring ways in which gifting almonds can be positioned as modern, with a personal touch and emotionally gratifying. We leveraged the fact that almonds are healthier than other gifting alternatives and that by gifting almonds, the consumers are gifting good health to their loved ones.

The next challenge was to say this, while staying true to our main communication. We extended the Mom’s Imprint idea to this ad using an instrumental version of “Tumse Hi”, an element of our ad that consumer’s recall most.

Now that the messaging was in place, we had present ourselves in a way that was unique and something no other brand was doing in their Diwali communication. We decided to focus on the gift packing instead of the gift giving. Our objective was to be present in the consumer’s mind during the preparation for Diwali instead of the actual festival, since this is when most almond purchases take place.

The result was a cute 10 second commercial showcasing a mother and daughter bonding while gift wrapping almonds for the festive season, complete with a familiar tune running in the background.

The ad performed exceptionally well garnering a staggering 81% unaided recall, with 96% consumers saying they liked the ad!