California Almonds TVC


India has a tradition of consuming almonds. It’s consumption has been advocated through generations. Almond Board of California’s role in India is to promote generic consumption of almonds. It was observed in researches that consumers of almonds believe strongly in the accrued health benefits of almonds as against other nuts and dry fruits. ABC intended to encourage Indian consumers to continue the tradition and enjoy the accrued health benefits of regular almond consumption over time through sustained communication and consumer engagement.


It was observed that amongst the people who were already consuming almonds, there existed two points of concerns:

1. The frequency of consumption of almonds was low
2. The quantity of almonds consumed during each consumption occasion was also low

We therefore took upon us the challenge of persuading the audiences to increase the frequency with which they consumed almonds through more consistent and daily consumption.


We shot a Hindi TVC (which was later also dubbed in Marathi & Gujarati) in the form of a Montage Film. The film showed mothers of all ages and the relationship that they share with their kids. The feel of the film was extremely emotional and intended to create an instant and long lasting connect with every mother. A famous song was used in context to establish the bond between a child and his mother. The TVC was our ode to mothers across the country and in turn reminding the mothers to continue doing good for their children, and being ‘the best mom in the world’.