Coral Drugs Brochure


The pharmaceutical industry in India is a highly regulated business with regular visits by clients and international audit agencies. Being the world’s 3rd largest industry in terms of volume also means that there is a certain amount of self-regulation that needs to be practiced by each player. As the agency responsible for developing marketing materials for Coral Drugs, we needed to work within heavy list of mandatories and prohibitions.

It was within the restrictive guidelines of what we can, and cannot say, that we needed to create the positioning for the client and thereon go on to build the brand, and it’s story.


Every single company in the pharmaceutical business thinks in a traditional manner. They believe, that because they’re in the business of medicine, they need to look serious, boring and seriously boring. They are also worried that if they branded themselves, or god forbid used any color except white, their clients, their customers and the consumer would not take them seriously anymore.

When every major player in the industry follows this thinking, convincing a client who is more a challenger in the industry than a dominator, that we’re going to swim against the tide, and brand them different, as this would help him stand out in a crowd and get noticed, is no easy task.

Additionally, we needed to be true to the client, and come up with an idea that was serious, yet fun.


While doing our research, we spent a lot of time with the founders of the company. They spoke passionately about their product, and how they went to great lengths to ensure that the quality of the product they delivered was always superior to what their competition was supplying, irrespective of their size.

It didn’t take us too long to come up with the positioning that we knew would work for them. In fact, it was almost instantaneous. We walked out of the research knowing what we needed to do.

We Love Science. A positioning that not only personified the emotion with which this company was founded, but also helped differentiate them from the rest of their competition. We used bold colors, and imagery that their competition wouldn’t touch with a barge pole. ‘We love Science’ went on to become the baseline that the client used for all marketing purposes, after they saw the phenomenal response they got from their clients and consumers.