Goodyear Annual Report


When your client’s legacy includes the Ford Model T and the Moonrover ‘Pathfinder’, you know the pressure is on you. However, for this particular assignment, the target audience was the investor community, be it large corporate investors or the small individual investors. For long, the annual report was a forgotten piece of communication, to which not much heed was paid. While Goodyear recognized that the investor community was an important stakeholder to the company’s overall growth, the annual report always found a financial crunch. However, the legacy had to be upheld.


At Adept, we take pride in our ability to modify consumer behavior & perception. The consumer here wasn’t consuming the product, in the real sense. However as the investor community, they were expected to build perceptions around Goodyear through the consumption of an ‘Idea’ and a ‘Message’. The annual report is targeted to existing and potential investors with two clear challenges:

  • 1. To position and portray Goodyear as a robust company with growth figures higher than the industry average.
  • 2. To take Goodyears’ numbers and make them look drop dead beautiful, another Adept forte.


The first thing we focused on was deciphering & augmenting the content. We started out with building up the legacy of the brand to showcase the robust past that Goodyear as a company enjoys, along with building up the Indian arm of the business.

The second piece of the puzzle was to establish Goodyear as a thought leader in the rubberized tyre business across it’s car, truck and it’s farm verticals. We achieved this by taking a position of authority in all we did, be it the tone and style of the content, the positioning of the directors as luminaries or the overall structure itself.

Lastly, the most challenging piece. Making the company look lucrative and aspirational to the investor community. This was brought to life with strong visuals and a simple yet fun look and feel attributed to the brand, and with a full section dedicated to all the marketing initiatives that we’d done in the past one year.

This one small initiative led not just to a heightened interest from ‘dalal street’, the stock capital of India, but also convinced the management to make this a regular practice for all annual reports they now do.