HP Smart Edge


Hewlett Packard is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of PCs and Laptops. In fact, they’re known to be the pioneers of the second wave of ‘Personal Computers’ with their ‘The computer is personal again’ campaign and belief system. They have a wide range of products, each with a large number of SKUs in each product range. Each range is developed, keeping in mind a distinct target group with distinct technical specification needs. In the case of this particular assignment, the audience being targeted was the small and medium business owners, an audience that could not be reached with traditional above-the-line media. Hence a more engaging, more focused medium of communication was needed.


The challenge here was multi-pronged. While the audience defined was clearly the SMB business owner community, each target was presumably good at what they do, but with very diverse interests. Secondly, since we were talking to the CEO community, it also meant that the engagement was that much more evolved, and that we fed them information that they might be looking for at their level. Thirdly, we needed to prescribe a higher value to our offerings, so as to look far more lucrative than competition.


The first step was creating a connect with our target. We followed a typical thought leadership approach. Give your target information that he/she seeks and in that information find a way to entwine your product/offering. Hence, in this case we would talk about various topics ranging from the ‘impact of the fiscal budget on IT and ITES businesses’, to the next cutting edge technologies such as ‘brain computing’ or maybe a management perspective on ‘Never sold, after it’s sold’.

The next step was finding the right avenue to communicate our message. A customized SMB newsletter did the trick here, as the cost of setting up this channel of communication wasn’t prohibitive, and it would be a channel that we would own, until we deemed necessary. We also went on to integrate this with the CRM program that was being run by HP for the SMB businesses, so as to provide the sales team a leverage to go in to new-potential businesses and merely strike a conversation. This 12 month SMB engagement, along with other activities we ran for the HP-SMB business,contributed to Hewlett-Packard becoming the number 1 player in the SMB segments for 3 quarters in a row.