HP – Wonder Bundle


HP is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of PCs and Laptops. In fact, they’re known to be the pioneers of the second wave of ‘Personal Computers’ with their ‘The computer is personal again’ campaign and belief system. Along with the most advanced PCs, Notebooks and Printers, HP also offers a broad portfolio of accessories that support serious business computing, entertainment and mobile lifestyles. HP accessories are designed to enhance the computing experience through cutting edge technology, advanced materials and customer-focused innovation.


The aim was to showcase the latest collection of HP accessories, available as a bundle with HP Pavilion and G series laptops. Bundling is a great way to introduce new product offerings that complement a product line. When accessories were bundled with the laptops, the consumers would have to pay much lesser than what the products would cost if purchased individually. While it seems like something the consumers would readily lap-up, there were a few behaviour-barriers that our consumer research division identified.

The challenge was essentially two-fold:

  • – To reach out to consumers who were putting off buying a laptop and waiting for a better deal because, after all, prices electronics drop significantly over time.
  • – To stand out in a crowded valentines day market, when every single small-to-large ticket ‘personal tech’ gadget is vying for a share for the business. To not just stand out, but also be able to offer something that would make the consumer convert.


The first step was to identify and connect with the target audience – people who were looking to buy laptops, whether for themselves, or for their valentines. The best way to reach them was to utilise bespoke in-store marketing vehicles. We created flyers, mailers and point of purchase materials that were extremely eye catching and fun. We also added carefully crafted copy that conveyed how the ‘wonder bundle’ wasn’t just a bundle of accessories; these were cool essentials that gave the laptops a splash of colour, a symphony of sound and made them truly come alive.

Each of the collaterals conveyed how the bundle of accessories was a perfect complement to HP’s robust machines, and was being offered at a price that was much lesser than what the products would cost if purchased individually. We also created a special “love bundle” offer, to leverage the need to express love by buying gifts that Valentine’s Day instills in people.

HP was delighted with the consumer response – and so were we!