India Gate Basmati Rice Print Campaign


Family ties are held in very high regard in all Indian households. But in this fast paced life, we find it increasingly difficult to take time out for our families. Throughout the day, we have some commitment or the other that keeps us occupied. In fact, a dinner table is perhaps the only place where the family finally comes together as one. It is here that stories are shared and relations grow stronger. Food acts as a catalyst, bringing families closer and cultivating a sense of togetherness. This is exactly the philosophy behind KRBL’s brand positioning – Saath Badhega, Swaad Badhega (Where there is togetherness, there is taste).


The challenge ahead of us was that even though consumers acknowledged that India Gate products have premium quality, the sales did not reflect the same. In majority of the Indian households, mothers are still the prime decision makers regarding food supplies. Thus, we needed to connect with the target audience on a more personal level, in order to build steady patrons of the India Gate brand.


We identified that all brands in the market mainly focused on promoting the functional benefits of Basmati Rice. So we decided to weave a deeper message for India Gate that focused on family relations and togetherness. We positioned India Gate as not just a rice meal, but an enabler that brings the whole family together. Emphasis was placed on how this feeling of togetherness during meal times sparks-off conversations and helps families grow closer to each other. The print campaign also acted as a support medium for other marketing initiatives of KRBL.