Delhi’s pub scene has grown rapidly in recent years. Apart from 5-star hotels, Delhi’s drinking dens can be found concentrated around Connaught Place or in the prosperous suburbs – Gurgaon and Noida. Alchemist Hospitality is no stranger to the Delhi restaurant and bar scene. As a part of the Rs 10,000 Cr Alchemist Group, they own a chain of hotels and restaurants catering to a variety of cuisines from Continental and European Cafe Culture to Pan Asian and Kebabs. For their newest endeavour, Kink, a trendy and uber cool nightclub located at Noida, Alchemist approached us to develop their brand and devise their launch campaign. We already had an excellent working relationship with the Group from other successful projects stemming back to 2006, but this was an opportunity to take complete ownership of a brand and campaign with lofty ambitions.


In a city where party lovers are always looking for new places and reasons to let their hair down and party till the wee hours, Kink seemed to have just the right ingredients – great ambience, delectable food and a great vibe! But so did its competitors. Hence, these are a few challenges that we could foresee –

  • – Kink had to be different, a shining light in amongst the dingy dark boxes of club-land that are a dime a dozen in Delhi NCR. We needed to be distinctly different, even radically different.
  • – We had to talk to men but appeal to women as well, be luxurious but not exclusive.
  • – Nightclubs and bars in Delhi can be extremely popular for months, or even a couple of years, but then suddenly and inexplicably the crowds start to vanish. We had to make sure that we were creating a brand that didn’t fizzle out and turn into a has-been or fad.
  • – Kink was on the other side of tracks, literally. It was a nightclub launching in Noida, which unlike the swanky, urban, corporate hotspot and neon-lit mall infested Millenium City – Gurgaon, was considered poorer and rather unsafe. So party-goers from Delhi would only be ready to go the distance if the place really ‘took off’.


During our strategic exploration for Kink, we discovered a mainstream behavior trend in pub goers. They drink to get rid of their inhibitions. It’s all about pushing the limits. They revel in what and how much they can get away with. Alcohol gives them the adrelenin to push the boundaries and score a phone number, perform a dare, take over the dance floor and unleash their wild sides. Recognizing that no brand had yet addressed this trend, we presented the business opportunity to KINK.

Rather than relying on the usual methods of marketing, we were gunning for one thing alone – word of mouth. We had to get the whole town talking. With a name like KINK and a campaign that spoke to the closet fetishes, hidden fun sides, the Hyde in every Jeckyll – we were sure to have heads turning and the gossip mills churning.

We designed all flyers, posters, internal signs, and print and radio advertising for the launch event ensuring their marketing stayed targeted, relevant, engaging and unapologetically kinky.

The event gained extensive coverage across all major newspapers and magazines. Kink was being touted as the city’s hottest new nightlife destination. The numbers through the door and mentions & engagement on social media continued on an upward trend. Kink also won the Times Nightlife award for Best Bar in Noida and Best cocktails in Noida.