KRBL – Thematic Outdoor


India Gate, the flagship brand of KRBL Limited, is one of the largest selling Basmati Rice not only in India, but also across the globe. The premium quality of this Basmati Rice makes it the preferred choice of most Indian families. With a rich legacy of over 120 years, the brand is synonymous with trust and quality. The company has always stressed on its core philosophy which professes that food brings people together. Busy with their routine, people often forget this life sutra and tend to lose touch with their loved ones. It was time people were reminded of the many blessings that a real sense of togetherness can bring into their lives.


KRBL has an overall market share of over 30%, which meant that their premium India Gate brand was already well established in people’s minds. It had also partnered with India’s leading food cooking show, Masterchef India. The challenge was to integrate this impact property of KRBL with the rest of the company’s communication, while garnering maximum interaction with the masses.


We decided to bring all the brand’s communication under the single umbrella of “Togetherness”. To showcase this in an interesting manner, the KRBL Thematic Campaign was launched. We wanted to build on the company’s core message which believes that food brings people together. Thus, we asked people questions that provoked them to think of their loved ones and spend more quality time together. These questions served as the perfect reminder for the busy man of today, who has a million commitments every day, to take time out for his family and experience a true sense of togetherness over a plate of premium quality India Gate rice.

The campaign also acted as a support medium for the company’s promotional efforts on other mediums, which included both television commercials and in-show promotions during Masterchef India.