OCP – Event


In a country like India, which is dominated with urea as the base of most soil health enhancers, phosphate, even though far more superior in results, is little known. There was a need to create awareness at a grass-root level, by educating the famers, the most vulnerable lot of this nation, on soil health benefits with the use of phosphate based fertilizers. Plus there was also a need to create an air of positive aura around ‘phosphate’ and slowly build pressure, by talking to policy makers(The Ministry of Agriculture) on the benefits of using phosphate and to introduce subsidy on the use of phosphate.


Farmers have been using urea over generations and to convince them to switch to a fairly new form of fertilizer was a difficult deed. A farmer’s most important concern is getting a good crop at the end of the year, with least or no amount of risk taking, so that his income is certain. Plus urea was a compound of choice not only for the farmers but for the policy makers as well. The benefits of phosphate based fertilizers were lesser known to them and unfortunately never witnessed.


For a farmer, his land is his most valuable possession. For a policy maker, his constituents are his most valuable possession. To policy makers and farmers alike, the benefits of phosphate based products needed to be demonstrated first.

If you have facts on your side, that’s half the battle won.

For a farmer, what he is looking for is also to minimize the variation in his earning and to bring a steadiness to his yield, and thus his income. The concept of farms being ‘evergreen’ hence was something that would work both for farmers as well as the policy makers. All we needed to do hence, was to create a top of mind connect for the word ‘evergreen’ to ‘phosphate’, and our job would be done. Base the claim on facts and you’re home. Simply put, ‘Lending nature a helping hand, with balanced nutrition for every land.’ was the message developed.

The message resonated with farmers and policy makers, and gave us the opportunity to use this umbrella thought as a conversation starter to communicate the varied benefits of phosphate based fertilizers. Over the course of this campaign phosphate has grown in stature as well as in import volumes of Rock phosphate showing an increase of as much as 38% in April of 2013.