Snapdeal – Arz Kiya Hai Campaign


Snapdeal has emerged as one of the largest players in the e-commerce industry in India. The company has grown tremendously over the last 5 years since its inception in 2010, and now offers an assortment of over 4 million products from over 50,000 sellers to more than 4,000 towns and cities across the nation. Initially starting out as an offer-centric online platform where one could find economical deals for many products, it has since widened its scope to establish itself as a full-fledged online shopping portal.


Due to brand’s unprecedented growth, its communication has always been very aggressive and majorly centred around sales. A new, refreshing brand campaign was needed that bolstered the brand image in the minds of the consumers.

Moreover, it was realised that majority of the consumers interacted with the brand only on the website and disconnected with it soon after. The need of the hour was to promote the brand’s social platforms to engage with the consumers on a personal level.


To tackle this problem, we came up with a path-breaking campaign that ensured Snapdeal became a part of people’s everyday conversations. A campaign that was effective at quickly grabbing their attention. A campaign that talked about what any and every body on the internet was talking about.

We launched the ‘Arz Kiya Hai’ campaign that was based on a very successful technique called ‘Skyscraper Marketing’. Every day, we hand-picked one of the highest trending topics in India (sourced from Twitter) and created our own take on the topic, in the form of a witty rhyme. These posts were then shared across all social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the online blog.

This helped spark conversations and build the brand image. The campaign was quite successful on Twitter, maintaining an average of roughly 25 retweets per post, with some even hiking close to a 1000 retweets. On Facebook, a minimum of 80-100 likes were also earned for every post. All in all, the campaign proved to be quite a success, increasing the brand’s online visibility by over 200% – that too in a short span of only two months!