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Launched in February 2010, Snapdeal provides a platform for over 50,000 merchants across the country to serve 20 million customers across 4,000 towns and cities. The product categories it hosts range from home appliances, gadgets, apparel & accessories, automotive products and health & lifestyle products.


The task was to develop a print campaign that establishes Snapdeal as a bonafide name when it comes to fashion. But there were challenges, and big ones when it comes to planning a certain thought-leadership. The first one was about gauging the reach of the communication as there’s no authentic source that throws light on the absolute circulation of the magazines and secondly, a print campaign’s performance is difficult to quantify as the return on investment or people converted is not easy to size up.


Incorporating the cues of fashion and Snapdeal’s “Bachatey Raho” buzzwords, we created a print advertisement that talks about the fashion collection being as all-encompassing as the feeling of love. The communication highlighted an emotional belonging to fashion as well transactional advantage of it being availed from Snapdeal. Furthermore, a promo code was a part of the communication which was crafted in a way that it would be unique to each to every magazine the advertisement was published in. This was done to weigh in which readers are getting converted to Snapdeal’s fashion brigade. The campaign ran along with the generic Snapdeal campaign which in turn made it look distinct because of its look and the other campaigns ensured Snapdeal’s presence in other categories.