Social Media Posts


Snapdeal is one of the giants of the $5 billion E-commerce industry in India. It owns the largest online market place with a seller network of 50,000 merchants who serve a customer base of close to 25 million strewn across over 4,000 cities and towns.


The problem faced by the brand arose from the operational challenges it faces, i.e. the users who fell in the 6% orders resulting in issues seemed to dominate the brand’s social media space, whereas the complementary satisfied 94% were largely absent. Users only seemed to post on the pages in order to register a complaint, which set off a cascading effect of further negative engagement, while the majority positive experiences were not getting highlighted. Thus, primarily, there was a need to craft a campaign that would draw the latter customers out and to engage positively, as well as convert the minority displeasure through quick resolution.


The campaign followed an approach that rested on a ‘Delight & Care’ mechanism. The idea was to
-Delight: Become visible by launching activity on areas of user interest which was fun, current and relatable
-Care: Remedy negative experiences through quick problem resolution and convert any resultant positive comments into conversations around these areas.

The topics picked were current and from the everyday life of users. So voters, who’d necessarily be 18+, and thus also intersect with the group most active on social media, were asked to upload selfies on voting day. Occasion posts like ‘You Know It’s Diwali When’ and posts made entirely from twitter trending topics like ‘NYE Trivia’ were created, which would likely resonate with most people and form the basis for more positive engagement.

The engagement was followed up with macro measurement in terms of universal reach delivered and follower count, number of likes, comments and shares, but was also evaluated qualitatively.