Website Themes


For an E-commerce giant like Snapdeal, our aim was to create a look and feel for the website that would appeal to shoppers and generate excitement, yet look premium. The website we wanted to create needed to represent Snapdeal and its seamless interface and shopping experience.


Snapdeal is one of the largest home products players in the online space, with over 300 brands and over 300,000 SKUs. The challenge was to create a campaign whose initiatives would weave in the brand’s core proposition of best possible deals and savings, but incorporate the element of premiumness and intrigue, within an emotionally appealing story.

In addition, the scale of Snapdeal’s operations, its whole gamut of products and categories, deals and offers necessitated a campaign that could encompass this scale and the dynamic and rapidly changing messages around them. As opposed to traditional campaigns for brick and mortar brands that run for months and sometimes years on end, E-commerce requires a different approach altogether.

The campaign needed to deliver on the following fronts-
Range: Clearly establishes Snapdeal’s spread of categories and offerings
Clutter Breaking Template: Create a template that would be uniquely Snapdeal around an impactful theme
Buzz Generation: stimulate conversation around the brand’s positives & serve as a distraction from Snapdeal’s online reputation issues


Each fully responsive website theme developed was researched in detail and all components were thoroughly rationalized. Every design element- from the colors to the textures and shapes, was handpicked and built into the theme. The End of Season Sale theme, seen as a reason to rejoice, was inspired by contemporary Aztec prints and Bunting elements usually associated with carnivals and celebration. Considering ‘fashion’ is the centre of the EOSS, the look created was stylish & contemporary, yet something that every category could adopt. Again, the Holi inspired theme was created which fused the idea of color and individuality, with the idea being that no matter what ‘color’ you were, you could find what you wanted on For Valentine’s Day, a ‘28 Reasons to Love’ theme took over the website, for the entire month of February, where category specific message headlines gave shoppers fun reasons to shop.