XEROX – Internal Communication


Xerox is what you truly call a ‘Generic Brand’, one where your brand name literally becomes a verb. While this is true, Xerox has long diversified into more than just the photocopy machine. Today, they call themselves the Document Management Experts, and operate more in the service delivery space, rather than pure hardware. While this new positioning, well understood and communicated by senior management, did change the way the company positioned itself, there was work to be done in bringing all it’s stakeholders on the same playing field.


This new positioning, wasn’t just a change in the ‘way’ we did things. It was a change in ‘what’ we, as xerox, did too. While the organization transitioned from being a Hardware company, to be a Service, it also meant a realignment of it’s single most important stakeholder. It’s employees, without whom the message, or atleast the right message, would never perculate down to the ‘end customer’. Additionally, it had to be done in a manner that would be least complicated, so as the have the deepest impact with every single person within the system, and subsequently outside.


A deep rooted change, such as the one we encountered at Xerox, only meant that the solution provided needed to be deep rooted too, and needed to be communicated far and wide among potential customers. Amazingly, one thing was clearly evident. Our Strongest spokespeople, our most emphatic brand ambassadors were none other than our own employees. Our communication needed to start inside-out. Hence a series of communication tools were developed for Xerox, among them, one was the Internal Monthly Newsletter. Aptly called ‘Connect’, it intended to bridge the gap between Global and Local offices, Senior and Middle Management, Old and New way of being.