She’s Always a Woman to Me

You have just won the pitch. This is the client you have been eyeing for almost 8 months now. The much-desired dotted line has been signed and the last vow has been read. What’s next?

Consummating this marriage and giving birth to a beautiful baby girl called the “Brand”. Do you love her any less than your actual offspring? Depends. Is raising her any different than raising your own? Let’s find out:

You can’t stop smiling every time you talk about your brand. You click pictures on your phone and show off the cute little creative you’ve made to all your friends and your Facebook page is flooded with information about this product you are obsessed with selling more off. You just can’t get enough of her.

You teach your brand the values it will embody, what it will stand for and before you know it, she’s on her own two feet exploring her surroundings and finding her own place in all the clutter.

Now your brand has her own voice. When she talks, people listen.

They may not pay enough attention or take her seriously or only a few loyalists may eventually do what she asks, but her existence is known. Your job here is to make her feel comfortable. Chances are, you will be cornered into fulfilling childish requests like spending millions of dollars on a “comprehensive social marketing campaign”. On the other hand, there will be days where you just have to put your foot down and say NO.

She’s grown up now, almost a woman, but not quite there yet. You start paying extra attention to her whereabouts, who her consumers are and more importantly who her competitors are. The brand manager, your partner agency, the CEO’s wife will all try and get their two cents in. They will say all kinds of things about your baby girl to get what they want, without really understanding where she’s coming from. She will fall, get hurt and maybe even bleed money, but you need to stick by her side through all of this to keep your little one from straying.

She’s come off age, and she’s a woman now, with an identity of her own. She has a new set of consumers and she explores opportunities outside the four walls you’ve brought her up in. She’s already made a name for herself and now wants to settle down on her own.

Before you know it, your child, your baby girl, your brand that you have invested the past decade of your life building, has been married off to another agency.

About the Writer:
Heading the business, it’s Vandan Chopra’s vision and “can-do” attitude that has been the biggest reason why Foolish has always taken up challenges on what has never been done, and excelled at it. The man behind the show at Foolish, with experience of having worked on various prestigious brands such as HP, NDTV, Grover Vineyards, Xerox, Goodyear, India Gate Basmati to name a few, Vandan has, in a span of 8 short years, taken Foolish to an industry platform, where Foolish is not only revered for the work it does, but also created an agency built on strong service parameters.